Herbal Phentermine

"Lose All the Weight You Want", "Look Sexy and Feel Great", "Use the Safer Alternative"

Herbal Phentermine is a non-prescription, appetite suppressant dietary supplement which claims not only to sate the dieter’s hunger pangs, but also increases the body’s metabolic rate, aid in the burning of excess calories, and increasing the level of energy in the body.  While Herbal Phentermine is usually associated with the prescription drug which has notorious side effects such as irritability, a dry mouth, a painful urination, and sleeplessness, its manufacturer maintains that it is 100% natural, and without causing any of the adverse effects associated with Phentermine.  Since this dietary supplement is non-prescription, it can be easily purchased at online stores, doing away with the long wait for a doctor’s appointment and approval in order to jumpstart the diet. 

How Herbal Phentermine works

The supplement functions similarly as the prescription Phentermine diet pill, without the supposed side effects.  This means that the user’s appetite is suppressed so that food cravings are done away with.  This benefit is coupled with the promise that the other ingredients included in the supplement compound will burn fat through an increased metabolic rate and an increase in the body’s energy levels.  While the claim may be inflated at first glance, the fact that the supplement is acquirable without prescription means that it is without an approval from a regulating body such as the F.D.A., and the manufacturers can pretty much make up any claim about its effectiveness.

Ingredients of Herbal Phentermine

To be fair, some of the components of the dietary supplement do have benefits, which are detailed as follows:

L carnitine – one of the crucial uses of this ingredient (Acetyl L-Carnitine) is connected with the efficient oxidation of fatty acids, which aids the user in burning unwanted body fat deposits.  Fatty acids are one of the main energy sources which the body uses, and the process at which they are broken down into to create energy is called oxidation.  These fatty acids are not able to permeate the inner portion of the mitochondria membrane (the area where they are burned and consumed for energy), and the key purpose of L carnitine is to convey the fatty acids across the membrane and into the mitochondria, allowing for the effective oxidation of fat deposits.  But Herbal Phentermine includes only a 500mg per tablet of L carnitine, which is not enough to produce the desired benefit.  Laboratory research on the substance shows that large concentrated doses of L carnitine (about two to six grams) are needed for positive weight loss results.

Extract of Green Tea Leaves – this ingredient is ever present in most weight loss dietary supplements.  The reason for this inclusion is that it offers numerous benefits for the dieting user.  Probably the main benefit is that it naturally contains caffeine, replacing the caffeine components involved in the usual fat burning supplement compounds offered on the market.  Caffeine is a good fat burning substance with a steady reputation.  Green Tea Leaf extract is also an excellent source of antioxidants, similar to those found in Vitamin C or Beta-Carotene.  However, some researches have shown that the active component known as epigallocatechin gallate can have up to two hundred times more powerful oxidants than that which is found in Vitamin E.  This extract from the leaves of green tea is also useful as a blood glucose regulator, which means that it inhibits the increase in blood sugar levels in the body after a meal.  This is done by inhibiting the action of the digestive enzyme known as amylase, which has an important role in the breaking down of starch compounds (or carbohydrates), those which may cause the level of blood sugar to rise dramatically after eating.  Furthermore, green tea has also aided in weight loss, by increasing the body’s metabolism levels, leading to a more effective calorie burning.  It also is a good inhibiting agent against fatty acid synthase, an enzymatic compound involved with the process of changing carbohydrates into fat.  Clinical studies on animal subjects show that such an inhibition of the enzyme results in significant weight loss.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – also known as ALA, thiocic acid, and lipoic acid, this component is one of the few ingredients which has a lot of benefits to anyone who is body building, trying to shed off weight, or is diagnosed with diabetes, without any known adverse effect on the health.  Alpha Lipoic acid first has excellent antioxidant properties, retarding the damage caused by free radicals on the body.  Free radicals are substances which degrade normal cell functions, and results in the eventual breaking down of all systems within the body (simply put, free radicals are the main culprit for aging).  Alpha Lipoic Acid has been also proven to be efficient in the transport of nutrients towards the cells of the muscles.  But probably the most important benefit of the substance is its regulating function with the body’s blood sugar level.  A 300 to 600 mg concentrate of the substance is enough to properly maintain the level of body sugar at a normal rate.

Biotin or Vitamin B7 – this component is a vitamin which is easily soluble in water, and is commonly classified with the vitamin group known as B-complex.  More or less 40 years of intense research was needed to include and qualify biotin as a categorical Vitamin B after its discovery. 

The other ingredients of the diet supplement include Camellia Sinensis, Bioperine, and Piper Nigrum.

Side Effects of Herbal Phentermine

At present, there is no significant account of any side effect experienced in association with Herbal Phentermine, which is in stark contrast with its prescription-required version.  This does not mean that the supplement is free from adverse effects altogether.  The fact that it does not require prescription should alarm any user, since such products are unregulated, meaning the makers of it can pretty much make any claim they want concerning the ‘health benefits’ of such a product.  The makers of Herbal Phentermine do just that; they market the supplement as a potent but natural alternative to the prescription drug phentermine, without any concrete, clinical support to back up the claim.

The Real Score on Herbal Phentermine

At present, it is really too early to tell if Herbal Phentermine is as effective in weight loss as it claims to be.  Upon considering on taking the supplement, have a realistic expectation in approaching it, meaning that weight loss miracles are hard to come by, and this product is no different from numerous dietary supplements out in the market which promise easy weight loss after an impractically short amount of time, and the claims are practically deliberate in overlooking the fact that the real key to weight loss is a healthy diet and a proper exercise regimen. 

Although there are components included in the supplement which are particularly beneficial to health, such as the extract of green tea leaves, alpha lipoic acids, and certain vitamin and mineral additives, these are more potent if acquired from their natural or concentrated sources; by drinking green tea, and by buying concentrated ALA capsules.  The benefits are more prominent, and the costs are that much more inexpensive.  The additional claim that the Herbal Phentermine supplement is 100 percent natural and safe should also raise an eyebrow; such prominent claims, made without even batting an eyelash, seem too good to be true at first glance, and probably it is so.