Stacker 3 Review

Stacker 3

Stacker 3 is a fat-burning dietary supplement which its marketers claim to be effective by claiming to give at least four benefits on the body:
1) the pill claims to enhances the body’s natural ability to burn out fat;
2) retards the body’s natural capability to store fat;
3) heightens the body’s overall energy and stamina levels; and
4) improves mental focus and alertness. 

The product lets the user take in food with significant levels of fat, without the accompanying guilt afterwards.  Every pill enables the body to basically ignore the fat which tends to pass through its system, thereby doing away with unwanted body fat altogether.

How Stacker 3 works

Stacker 3 is a non-stimulating dietary supplement which contains the component known as chitosan, popular for its effectiveness in binding fat.  This component substantially lowers the body’s natural absorption rates of dietary fat levels, thereby letting unwanted calories to pass through the body’s system easily as though they were unnecessary waste compounds.  This capability enables the body to burn fat quicker, increases the potential for such a process, and ultimately cuts down on destructive hunger pangs and consequent food binges.

Ingredients of Stacker 3

Each dietary pill supplement of Stacker 3 contains titanium dioxide, gelatin, magnesium stearate, dextrose, and stearic acid.  It also contains additives such as FD&C color Red 3, FD&C color Red 40, FD&C color Blue 1, and FD&C color Yellow 5.

Its proprietary blend includes such ingredients as chitosan from shellfish, seeds of the kola nut, extracts from a whole cactus plant (12;1), extract from grapefruit, and the bark of the white willow plant.  It also has components of anhydrous caffeine, garcinia from the grapefruit extract, tri guarcinia compound from leaves of green tea, and guarana from the kola nut seeds.

Recommended Daily Intake

The recommended daily intake of Stacker 3 is a capsule after a meal, not exceeding three capsules in a day.

Side Effects of the Product

The marketers discourage the use of the pill for people below the age of 18, and for women who are either conceiving or nursing.  Actual recorded side effects of the intake of Stacker 3 are few.  There are some testimonial accounts of initial nervousness and nausea, dizzy spells and hardly controllable shaking, and succeeded by frequent trips to the bathroom.  Some cases concern the side effects of the ephedra component, causing heart problems in some users.  Some testimonials account for an initial giddy feeling which lasts for a few minutes, but recurs later on in the day, accompanied by a throbbing pressure on the head and odd abdominal muscle contractions; this consequently affects the user’s ability to focus.  Also, people with any allergies concerning shellfish should also refrain from taking the supplement, as the core ingredient which is chitosan, essentially comes from the said source.

Stacker 3 as promoted by its marketers

The company who put out Stacker 3 as an alternative dietary supplement pill promises nothing less of an intense weight loss in as little as thirty days after taking the first pill.  It greatly enhances the body in its capacity to burn out fat levels, and is also supposed to also have positive effects on the body’s overall well being.  After successive intake of the pill supplements, the user’s body practically stops from becoming a fat storehouse by blocking it, thereby restraining the body’s capacity to store up fat compounds through an immediate rejection of the excessive calories.

Stacker 3 is also claimed to heighten the energy and stamina levels of the body, providing more push for an active day.  To complement an active body with an focused mind, the Stacker 3 supplement also includes certain ingredients which serves for this purpose, although the substance responsible for such effects are not readily distinguished.

The Real Score on Stacker 3 Reviewed

The main ingredient in Stacker 3 which substantially contributes to weight loss is Chitosan, a fiber extract which is taken from shellfish.  The compound specifically comes from the shell of sea crustaceans such as shrimps and crabs.  The use of this ingredient for weight loss purposes is really nothing new, as chitosan has been utilized for at least 30 years now.  The marketing claims for this ingredient state that chitosan essentially dissolves and clamps on the fat compounds which enter the stomach.  The marketers even go as far as to imply that as long as you are on the Stacker 3 diet supplement, you can pretty much eat whatever appeals to you, and the chitosan ingredient will deal with the fat content in the food.  If this quick fix, overly optimistic and simplistic statement sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Chitosan is not really the weight loss miracle substance which its marketers make it out to be.  Clinical studies concerning the substance were initially performed on animals.  While there was some visible results of effectiveness on the subjects, and the fat-absorbing properties of chitosan was also observed, these results were confined and confirmed only through animal testing procedures, and there is no supporting clinical evidence which shows that it has any effect on the capability of absorbing fat in humans.  The marketers are fully aware of this fact even now as they are putting the Stacker 3 dietary supplement out into the market.

Indeed, most weight loss advisers are at a consensus that the chitosan compound is simply ineffective at achieving the purpose of weight loss, or if it has any potency, the effects are considerably insignificant.  Published studies on chitosan were minority cases and were not syndicated in credible reviewing journals.  There is practically no study which finds chitosan as efficient in blocking fat in human individuals. 

A 1999 research made by the European Journal for Clinical Nutrition on chitosan proved that subjects who took the chitosan ingredient at eight pills everyday for an entire month of treatment demonstrated no significant difference in weight loss or gain in comparison to the placebo group.  Another separate research undertaken by Doctor Stern of the American Obesity Association has proven that chitosan was also inefficient in blocking out the fat, identical to the results of the formerly mentioned study.  What’s worse, it was found out that chitosan apparently blocks certain vitamins and minerals in stead of fat.

This may put the chitosan compound on a negative light, but the good news is that it does have benefits, but not in the area of weight loss.  Research has shown positive results that chitosan does have capabilities in reducing cholesterol in the body.  In a separate study, it showed that anywhere between three to six grams of chitosan in the daily diet apparently lowered the bad cholesterol levels by six percent in as little as two weeks of use, and also increased the good cholesterol levels by a significant ten percent.

The final verdict for Stacker 3: the dietary supplement pill is far from being a miracle drug.  Users who are considering on taking on the supplement should see to it that they have a proper dietary regimen in place first, complemented by an effective exercise program.  More importantly, they should first consult the services of a doctor before taking on the Stacker 3 pill, or any other diet supplement for that matter.  Even though there is no concretely established side effect obtained from the intake of the pill, it is best to be on the safe side and take precautionary measures first.